22/12/2020 _ 20:00

Joy Wellboy
Christmas Special

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Let Joy Wellboy‘s musical light warm your hearts during these dark days and join us for a virtual concert.

A link to this free online event will appear on this page on 22/12/2020.

Brought to you live from Dom in collaboration with Visualantics and Fly Music Studio.
With the support of Flanders.

16/10/2020 _ 20:00 : Performance :

Boulettes Ikea

25/09/2020 > 11/10/2020

Francis Denys
Hilde Purnot

04/09/2020 > 20/09/2020

Jan Verbruggen
Lesse is more

‘Lesse is More’ showcases new work by Jan Verbruggen.
These paintings portray imaginary moments on a plot of land that borders on the river Lesse in the Belgian Ardennes.

Jan Verbruggen is a visual artist who works in multiple media with a focus on painting, drawing and installation.


28/02/2020 > 28/06/2020


A show by Koen Moerenhout & Walt Van Beek

City Shapes by Walt Esch Van Beek

City Shapes are derived abstractions of ‘skate able’ forms in the streets of Berlin and Brussels.
I came across these places while searching for my mother’s traces.

Groundmarker – The Axis Mundi by Koen Moerenhout

Groundmarker is a site-specific project where I trace white lines with chalk in public spaces.
The lines I walk are straight, perpendicular or concentric.
They serve as the basic logic for a visual language that deals with space and time.

06/12/2019 _ 21:00

The Circle Project

Screening of work in progress by Hanna Hovitie
(last ever artist in residence at wolke)

Place: Two-dimensional space. Time: Not applicable.

Short synopsis:
“I suffer from space anxiety. I have diagnosed it myself. The symptom is an inability to look into infinity. If I can’t see to the end of things, I get this strange feeling. Actually it’s a physical sickening. Space looks infinite because it’s dark. It’s dark because most of the universe is empty and the light from distant stars has not reached us. So maybe the space anxiety is just a more elegant concept for a fear of darkness.”

Square the Circle is a little round film about the shape of a circle, and simultaneously a light hearted, essayistic self-portrait of the filmmaker.

Technical info:
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 13min
Country: Belgium, Finland
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English

27/09/2019 > 27/10/2019

Megapolis Kinshasa na Bruxelles

Megapolis Kinshasa na Bruxelles is an exhibition with a series of new oil paintings called Les Kinoiseries by Bram Borloo, work by Dolet Malulu, a movie called ‘Bxlact vs Kinact’ with performances from Bobo Lomboto, Eddy Ekete, Elie Mbansing, Mega Mingiedi, Darly Mbudi, Nada Tshibwabwa, Nick Defour, R.O.T. and Bram Borloo.

After his stay at the artists’residency ‘Ndaku Ya La Vie Est Belle’ located in the community of Kalamu, Matonge, Kinshasa, DRC, Borloo created a series of oil paintings, called Les Kinoiseries, in which he depicts things and moments that have left a mark on him during his stay. Kinoiserie is an expression used by the locals to express the impossibility in which they live at this moment.

Alongside Borloo’s paintings, a documentary will be screened touching on the subject of performance art in the streets of Kinshasa and Brussels.

In the framework of this exhibition, the projection of the movie Faire-Part will be organised on October 12th 2019 at 8pm. Faire-Part (58 min) is a documentary made by Anne Reijniers (BE), Nizar Saleh Hirji (RDC), Paul Shemisi (RDC) and Rob Jacobs (BE) on performance art in the streets of Kinshasa.

Ndaku Ya La Vie Est Belle, Eza Possibles, Kinact, Lumumba Library and Collectif Faire-Part.

Special Thanks
Filip De Boeck, Jean Bofane and Mega Mingiedi.


The beginning.
Sandy and Korneel renovate an dilapidated warehouse.