06/12/2019 _ 21:00

The Circle Project

Screening of work in progress by Hanna Hovitie
(last ever artist in residence at wolke)


27/09/2019 > 27/10/2019


Megapolis Kinshasa na Bruxelles is an exhibition with a series of new oil paintings called Les Kinoiseries by Bram Borloo, work by Dolet Malulu, a movie called ‘Bxlact vs Kinact’ with performances from Bobo Lomboto, Eddy Ekete, Elie Mbansing, Mega Mingiedi, Darly Mbudi, Nada Tshibwabwa, Nick Defour, R.O.T. and Bram Borloo.


Season 2018-2019 : The beginning.
Sandy and Korneel renovate an abandoned warehouse.